Healthy Small Red Beans

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The Health Preservation Effect of Red Bean
Red beans, flat and cool, sweet, contains protein, fat, sugar, B vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorus and so on. Red bean can promote the activation of heart vessels, diuresis; People who are afraid of cold, low blood pressure, easily tired and other phenomena, often eat red beans can improve these uncomfortable phenomena. In addition, red bean also has the function of strengthening stomach and improving vital energy, and clearing damp is good for medicine and health food.
Red bean is the good friend of female health more, rich iron can let a person color is ruddy. Absorb red bean more, still have complement blood, promote blood circulation, aggrandizement physical strength, the effect that strengthens resistance. Lactating women eat more red beans, which can promote the secretion of milk.

Red bean has the functions of keeping the heart and mind, strengthening the spleen and kidney, adding lotus seeds and lily to have the functions of solid and lean gas, hemostasis and strengthening the muscles and bones, which can treat the dry and dry cough, enhance the vitality of the internal organs and enhance the physical strength. Health is also an important part of skin care, external tone plus internal nutrition, to create a woman. The little red bean also can raise yan, do not think hairdressing is related to luxury goods only, save money again efficient hairdressing method has everywhere, must discover carefully. In compendium of materia medica, the formal name of red bean is "red bean". In traditional medicine, red bean is mainly used to conduct water - to remove edema, to benefit qi - to remove beriberi and to strengthen spleen. In ancient books, red bean and carp are rotten and boiled for eating, which is of great help to improve the oedema and beriberi produced by pregnant women in late pregnancy.

Healthy Small Red Beans

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