Red Beans Nutrition for Sale

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Red Beans Nutrition for Sale

In daily life, people do not eat red bean mostly, do not know red bean its nutrition is very tall also, introduce for everybody below, the knowledge that concerns red bean.

1. Red bean has more dietary fiber, and it has good functions of nourishing bowel and bowel movement, reducing blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying and anticancer, preventing stones and slimming.
2.Red beans are rich in folic acid. Pregnant women eat red beans to prevent fetal malformations.
3. Red beans contain a lot of saponins, rich B vitamins and iron, as well as protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, niacin and other components, which have the functions of heat clearing and diuresis, clearing damp detoxification.

4.Li shizhen, an ancient famous doctor, called the red bean the "valley of the heart" and emphasized its heart-nourishing effect. Red bean can clear heart fire, also can fill painstaking care. Its crude fiber material is rich, clinical on conduce to drop blood lipid, fall blood pressure, improve function of heart activity to wait for effect. It's also rich in iron, which helps replenish your blood and qi so your hands and feet don't get cold in winter.

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