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Product Type: Bean Sprouts

Type: Soybean

Color: Red

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Women Benefit More From Red Beans

1. Soft and naturally sweet. The benefits of eating more roughage are well known to all women, and the health conscious women are no exception, of course, but most of the coarse grain taste, taste is not the same, but the red is not the same, it cooked after the soft sweet taste almost forgotten that it is coarse grain, but a natural dessert.
2. Red beans eliminate edema. We often say red bean thin leg, red bean thin face, it is the effect of red bean eliminate oedema actually, main red bean is the storehouse of mineral potassium, it is the food with natural food potassium content ranking top compare with it with the banana that filling potassium is famous, it is little pediatrics, and the quantity of heat of banana still can be tall, the woman that reduce weight dare to eat more.
3.Red bean thin stomach. Although say to have no so called local thin body food, but the red bean with high content of dietary fiber can promote bowel rubbish to discharge, although adipose did not reduce really, but rubbish is less belly nature feels a little flatter, this also is one of the results that we pursue. Red beans rice, red beans pearl porridge, red beans sand dumplings, which women do not love?
4. A better protein source with lower fat. Women who lose weight often reject fatty foods such as big fish and big meat, but they are also an important source of good protein. Without good protein, the importance of good protein is worth talking about. Red beans have high protein content and good absorption rate, and low calorie and fat content.

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