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Product Type: Bean Sprouts

Type: Soybean

Color: Red

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What are the benefits of eating red beans frequently

Red bean is a kind of suitable for any physical consumption of soy products, no special edible red beans, and red bean mild nature of its nutritional value can be transported to the body's vital organs, ordinary people often use directly after boiling add brown sugar, red bean or on weekdays add red bean porridge with rice, cooking together, so that make porridge and rice taste is also very good, to improve the human body has obvious effect of spleen and stomach, made of exquisite red bean paste, red bean can also come to join all kinds of bread in the food, convenient for people to eat, to improve constipation and promptly eliminate moisture have a lot of benefits.
Eat red bean can have the effect of keeping in good health for a long time, if it is in the cold winter, people can keep the body warm, edible ormosia can make up the lack of effort, make hands no longer cold in winter, and in the summer to eat red bean, red bean and mung bean has good efficacy, eating red bean can also prevent heatstroke, also conducive to heat improve prevention role.

Red Bean

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